Today’s Menu

Today’s Menu

Friday, May 27th

Try Our Vanilla Peppermint Smoothie – Crossfit Approved!!

Yogurt Flavors: Vanilla, and European

Want to take some granola home to use on your own yogurt?  12 oz for $7.95

Soup Sizes

  • 8 oz Cup $5.99,
  • 12 oz Bowl $6.99,
  • 16 oz Pint $8.99,
  • 32 oz Quart $13.99

Open: Monday-Saturday 8:30am-8:00 pm
Call in orders 443-759-3308 (Press 0)

Hot Soup Menu

Creamy Tomato Chicken & Orzo:

Sweet and creamy, this tomato soup is loaded with chicken, orzo, basil, and a hint of paprika and cayenne peppers.

Contains: milk, wheat

French lentil w/ Garden Vegetables (VE, LF, DF, GF):

Lentils are gently simmered with hand-cut vegetables in a tangy red pepper broth. This healthy and satisfying soup is perfect for all seasons

Cream of Broccoli (GF):

creamy blend of broccoli simmered with potatoes, garlic, and cream. Contains: chicken stock, milk

Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie (GF):

A soup version of this classic American dish; loaded with carrots, potatoes, green peas, chicken, and herbs. Contains: milk

Cold Soup Menu

Mulligatawny (GF, CN):(~1 Quart)

Made with coconut milk and curry powder, this classic Indian soup is loaded with red lentils, ginger, and saffron. Contains: chicken stock, milk, coconut milk

Chicken Vegetable (LF, DF, GF) (1 bowl):

Vegetables and chicken simmered in scratch-made chicken broth with dill.

Toast Menu/ Gluten Free Option Available

Mediterranean Toast – $3.99-Hummus, Parmesan, Tomato

Cacao Nut Banana – $4.99- Nut Butter, Banana, Ch. Chips, Honey

Classic Avocado – $5.99- Avocado, Sprouts, Tomatoes, Everything Seasoning, Balsamic

VE=Vegan, V=Vegetarian, LF=Low Fat, DF=Dairy Free, GF=Gluten Free, CN= Contains Nuts, CF= Contains Fish, CS= Contains Soy, CE= Contains Eggs

Pick 2- Any Cup of Soup and Any Wrap $12.99